Introducing LittleBoos NFT Collection

LittleBoos are here!!!!!

We hope to shed some light on the context, differentiators, utility and effort behind creating the LittleBoos NFT Collection.

So, what are these LittleBoos? And why even create this collection?

In Brief, LittleBoos is a collection of NFTs, created utilising the ERC721 standard, through a mix of hand-drawn original artwork and random generative processes. LittleBoos will be available to mint in a few weeks.

Now, to explain the context in a bit more detail — we were already working towards creating an Indie Comic Series and Children’s book series with some of the original Boo characters a few months ago. As we, members of the Boo team, are Crypto enthusiasts too, we were pleasantly surprised when the NFT world exploded a few weeks ago. A long brainstorming session finally resulted in the decision to introduce our LittleBoos to the NFT world, which would help us raise awareness about our concepts and receive community and financial support in our endeavour to begin the comics/book series later.

What differentiates LittleBoos?

Some of the project aspects that set us apart are:

Hand-crafted — The LittleBoos have been hand-crafted lovingly covering many walks of toon life, as well as with custom characters inspired by fan art and pop culture. Thus, you will find many unique and rare LittleBoos to choose from and love.

Over 100 Unique traits — Other than the hand-drawn artwork mentioned above, for the generative process we created over 100 distinct traits as well. This way, we ensure that when minted, the NFTs will churn out unique personalities.

A fair launch — The team will retain only those NFTs that we will use for community building, giveaways and our profile pictures. Meaning the team will not premint or retain any NFTs. The team will also be minting along with the community on launch. Thus, truly random.

Dream to Reality — Lastly, LittleBoos is an aspirational project for us artists. Our main aim is creation of future creative ventures based on these characters. So, we are here for long term glory and not short term gains.

What do these LittleBoos even do? I mean, what are the benefits to holders?

Considerable thought went into how we can ensure a healthy, thriving community committed along with the team, for a longer term success for the project. And here is what we propose as some excellent short term and long term benefits for the holders.

Short term benefits:
Airdrops / Free mints of accessories, environments and companions to the holders
For future collaborative NFT collections, the holders will be automatically entered into the white-list
Part of the sales commission to be routed weekly to raise the floor

Long term benefits:
Community benefits through various means from future ventures. The team has been working to create an Indie Kiddie Comic series and Children book series based on LittleBoo. Also, we have a Children focussed E-commerce store planned. Right now checking the feasibility of self-printing and drop-shipping through the various online options to have global reach.

LittleBoos NFT Holders will be involved in various ways. We plan to offer in the long run:

  • Discounts on Merchandise, Book series and other products
  • A level based membership to an exclusive group, possibly leading to a DAO for brand direction and growth
  • Involvement in ways, including floor swipes, to bring better value to all our NFT holders

Tell us more about the team?

We are a team of 2 artists and one developer. At the moment, both us artists occupy senior positions in reputed agencies, working with multiple global Retail and Food brands. In addition, we have the support of a talented developer who is setting up the whole technical side of things.

And, let us not forget my cat, who will be one of the many companions airdropped to the LittleBoo NFT holders. Digitally, obviously.

What stage is the project at now?

We spent most of July and August creating the artwork to ensure the highest quality and the cutest possible LittleBoos, in our own unique style.

It was only a few days ago that we launched our socials on Discord and Twitter. Now we endeavour to work towards getting the word out and building our community. We will provide more updates in the upcoming post(s).

But let me say that whoever is looking at our LittleBoos, is giving us an energetic thumbs-up.

So, now that we have introduced ourselves, our project, and our cute-hearted LittleBoos, we would love to say hello to you in person on our Discord or Twitter.


Website: LittleBoos are working overtime to launch it asap




An exciting NFT collection of the cutest little Boos. Designed by a team with 10+ years of premium agency experience.

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LittleBoos NFT Collection

LittleBoos NFT Collection

An exciting NFT collection of the cutest little Boos. Designed by a team with 10+ years of premium agency experience.

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