FAQs, Legal Disclaimers and Roadmap

LittleBoos NFT Collection
3 min readOct 9, 2021


Section 1: FAQs

What are LittleBoos?

LittleBoos are a collection of 9999 NFTs, created using the ERC721 standard. The collection is hand-drawn by artists with many years of experience working with brands and agencies.

The endeavour has been to create high quality, marketable collection sought after for their cute PFP art, speculative value, as well as long-term real-world utility. LittleBoos vision is to be a Children’s’ brand, with its series of books, indie comics and a children focussed e-Commerce store.

How many LittleBoos will be minted?

There are five categories in the Generative Mix and five categories in the Finished Sets. Together, there are more than 350 traits. Thus, of the hundreds of thousands of combinations, only 9999 will be open for minting. There will not be any more NFTs added to this collection.

When does minting begin?

Minting begins at 5PM UTC on the 9th of October, 2021 for EarlyBoos; and 30 mins to 1 hour later for the Public

How much is the cost to mint?

Each LittleBoo will cost 0.07 ETH

How many LittleBoos can be minted per wallet?

Each wallet can only mint up to 20 LittleBoos

What is a Fair Launch?

Fair Launch implies that there will not be a presale or whitelist (under consideration). All LittleBoos will be open for Public Minting at 6 PM UTC on 9th Oct. The only deviation till now from this philosophy of Fair Launch is that #EarlyBoo community members will get the link to the minting URL 1 hour before, that is at 5 PM UTC, 9th Oct.

What many LittleBoos are reserved for the team?

The team has only reserved the following LittleBoos for themselves:

— Around 10–12 LittleBoos that are being used for community / contest giveaways

— 3 LittleBoos that are at present the PFP of the team, being used on project socials

Rest of the LittleBoos are all being made available to mint. The team will have to mint their own LittleBoos as well

When is the reveal?

All LittleBoos will be revealed within 48 hours of the collection getting fully sold out.

What is the Booverse collection?

Booverse is a complimentary collection to LittleBoos. Booverse will not be open for minting or selling. The main purpose of the collection will be to house all future companions, environments and assets that will become part of the LittleBoos Children’s books, E-commerce ventures and other creative ventures using the brand LittleBoos. The holders of LittleBoos will get the various elements from the Booverse collection airdropped to them (Conditions apply)


What are your rights as a holder of a LittleBoos NFT from the official LittleBoos NFT Collection?

By purchasing, acquiring, holding or otherwise controlling an ERC-721 token attributable to the LittleBoos smart-contract on the Ethereum Network, you are the sole Rights Holder and owner of the metadata linked to that token.

As Rights Holder you may — copy or distribute, re-use for personal and/or financial gain, the aforementoned metadata.

What are not your rights as a holder of a LittleBoos NFT from the official LittleBoos NFT Collection?

As a Rights Holder you may NOT — present yourself or your ERC-721 token in any way shape or form, as owning, controlling, or having any rights towards the LittleBoos brand, likeness, or general image.

Also, The LittleBoos Team, reserves the right to use the metadata from your LittleBoos NFT for promotional purposes on any social media to further the marketing of the project, without any royalty payment to you for their usage.

Lastly, the LittleBoos team reserves the right to the character from the Finished Set categories (multiverse, hoodie, everyday, cosplay, winged, space, illustrations) from the collection, as a part of the Brand identity, to utilise them in a commercial manner in print, digital or other media, without the need to acknowledge, get approval or pay any royalty to the holders of the aforementioned metadata.

Section 3: ROADMAP

We have a detailed internal Project Plan. For the sake of informing the community of some of the actions we will undertake in the next 2 Quarters, a brief roadmap has been pasted and attached below for review and study.

You are free to discuss and engage with us on our social media platform and know more about the project

: https://twitter.com/littleboosnft
Discord: http://discord.gg/TNx2xJXvm7
Website: https://www.littleboos.com/



LittleBoos NFT Collection

An exciting NFT collection of the cutest little Boos. Designed by a team with 10+ years of premium agency experience.